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28 February 2018 | Source: RDI "UzEngineering" 1344

Signed a Memorandum of understanding between the RDI "UzEngineering" and LLC "Krasnoyarskgazprom neftegazproekt"

February 21, 2018 a Memorandum of understanding was signed between the Republican Design  Institute "UzEngineering" under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan and
LLC "Krasnoyarskgazprom neftegazproekt" in order to develop cooperation in the design and implementation of projects with the purpose to acieve mutual benefits from cooperation.

            For cooperation from the part of the LLC "Krasnoyarskgazprom neftegazproekt" the Institute will be rendered:

·         consulting services;

·         assistance in development of the Institute by carrying out, both in the territory of Uzbekistan, and in the territory of the Russian Federation advanced training and development  of specialists of Institute in the international methods and standards of design;

·         assistance in training engineers meeting international standards to achieve maximum efficiency of work results, as well as practical training of design engineers of the Institute in the process of joint development of pre-project and project documentation;

·         assistance in achievement be the Institute of international level of the full-fledged developer of preproject and project documentation.

In turn,  RDI "UzEngineering" will provide LLC "Krasnoyarskgazprom neftegazproekt» with:

·         the opportunity to get acquainted with the project environment of Uzbekistan and study it from the inside to apply the acquired skills in working with prospective projects in Uzbekistan;

·         the opportunity to study building rules and standards adopted in the Republic of Uzbekistan;

·         information on ongoing and potential major projects in the field of interest from the moment of  their initiation to the moment when LLC "Krasnoyarskgazprom neftegazproekt" potentially could participate as a contractor in engineering.

RDI "UzEngineering" and LLC "Krasnoyarskgazprom neftegazproekt" will jointly take part in the development and implementation of projects in the field of joint interests through the creation of consortia or attract each other to the projects as contractors, subcontractors or consultants on a contractual basis.

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