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23 February 2018 | Source: Uzbekistan national news agency (UzA) 1023

Uzbekistan is among the top 10 countries in the world in terms of reserves of a number of minerals, such as gold, uranium, copper.

At the press conference organized in the national press center by the state Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Geology and mineral resources, information on ongoing promising projects is presented.

Due to the intensification of exploration 26 new fields have been prepared for development instead of 7 planned, including 14 - on underground water sources, 5 - gold mining, 3 - quartz, one field for the extraction of iron ore, tungsten, shale and glauconite.

The event also provided details of the Committee's future plans.

Thus, in 2018-2019, due to the increase in reserves of 25 types of minerals and the intensification of exploration work, 50 new fields will be prepared for industrial development, including 22 deposits of gold, 3 - uranium, 2 - non-ferrous metals.

As noted by the Deputy Chairman of the Committee A. Mavlonov, it is planned to form a new inspection in the structure of the Committee, which will carry out a single centralized control in the field of geological study, use and protection of subsoil.

In accordance with the new procedure, to create convenience for entrepreneurs in obtaining licenses, the necessary documents will be accepted in the regions themselves. Now do not have to wait for the open bidding at the beginning of the year, as it was before, the license can be obtained within 20 days.

In addition, since April 1 this year, the state Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Geology and mineral resources is also planned to transfer the authority of the State Committee on ecology and environmental protection to issue permits for the use of groundwater. As a result, entrepreneurs instead of two departments will apply directly to the territorial hydrogeological stations of the Committee and will be able to obtain a permit within 10 days.

Starting from July 1 of this year, it is planned to link the database of the Committee with the databases of other authorized state bodies and organizations, which will accelerate the process of issuing permits in the field of subsoil use.

At the event, opinions and suggestions were expressed on training of qualified personnel and attracting foreign investments in the sphere.

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